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Crazy!!  You know that shit is Not light!! Very impressive!! And scary  :)

You know that shit is Not light! Very impressive! And scary :) The Globe / Honor. Get an inside look at what life is like inside America’s Navy

The Army Green Beret Special Forces Airborne Ranger Sergeant First Class is shown here. His beret patch flash is the 46th Special Forces Company Thailand Ranger Detachment (of the 1st Special Forces Group HQ Okinawa) with the Special Forces Crest. Thought the procedure was to not wear flashy watches but they appear in many SF photos. There were many mixed units of special forces personnel from various countries and branches of military service.

colonel-kurtz-official: “A Green Beret SFC in the bush with Royal Thai special forces ”

Navy Seal K-9's - love it!  Bring home our military animals too!!

Steppin' Out With The Highflying Austrian Special Forces Dog

a HERO in EVERY sense of the word! He is a military "war dog" who was a member of the Navy SEAL team who took out binLaden! so awesome

Meet the Real-Life G.I. Janes Who Served with Special Ops in Afghanistan http://www.people.com/article/reese-witherspoon-buys-rights-army-girls-special-ops-afghanistan

Meet the Real-Life G.I. Janes Who Served with Special Ops in Afghanistan

In a small team of women quietly changed history: American military minds in Afghanistan realized that Afghan women often held the essential information, and that American women were, as author Gayle Tzemach Lemmon explains, …

SEALs... some publicly available stats...

How to Be a Navy Seal -- as seen on Lone Survivor FB page- this hard training saves their lives to lower the standards would be akin to putting them in battle w/o bullets.

Italian Special Forces, she's wearing make up, could be a seal, getting ready… …

Italian Special Forces - Again, anyone who claims that "women can't fight in war" probably never met a woman like this .

Heroes! Gotta love 'em.  No, I'm not a hero, but this was too beautiful not to share. The difference is I never said I was normal. :-)  Not military either, just me.

All countries are in a dire need of a robust army that ensures a peaceful atmosphere for all the citizens. Despite the fact that each army tries its best t