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it's surprising; it's surprisingly nice.

REVISED CAPTION: I like this.but I'm NOT clingy.I just love hard so I am demonstrative.that is better adjective.If u r my family or friend, unless U LEAVE MY LIFE, eventually u'll always hear from me.I am loyal to the core

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Yesssssss. LX

Oh my gosh I would absolutely love this. Also a date idea: Take me to the park, anywhere with a wide open area, to look at the stars.I want to look at the stars, the moon, find constellations

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And so this is how our beautiful love story began back in April 1995.  I LOVED how we walked by where we first kissed over the weekend with our daughter and her friend. It was so romantic and beautiful my love.  Thank you for loving me so immensely and for being such an amazing husband and partner in life.  I adore you siempre.   Always yours,  Christina ❤️

Dialogue prompt // "Well, then don't kiss me, I need to breathe at some point, and erotic asphyxiation isn't my thing." "Woman, you take my most romantic lines and make them sound perverted!