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I can stand alone in this-I have stood alone in this.sometimes, you just have to in order to show you got this & your not to be underestimated!

Donate today to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Donate today to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

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There's a difference, darling. If some would learn the difference that'd be fantastic!

Walk or bike instead of driving. Use this handy guide to see how much you could saving by biking to work. #100dayofsaving

We've got over 100 creative money saving tips for you to try! Learn practical ways to save money on food to outrageously funny savings hacks.

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I was with him BEFORE either of y'all were sorry my fall back game is strong cuz I know he's gonna cheat regardless.maybe y'all should make sure a dude is actually single before fucking with him?

my actual goals are to be so successful & independent that I can spoil myself and my family and do what I love and go where I want whenever

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Rightyou don't need nobody else 2 do it but you cuz only you can do it best