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I just want to eat and sleep and cry and be skinny and look pretty and wear yoga pants and have a boyfriend. This is such a typical white girl post but it is actually very accurate lol -RSH

Does anyone else do this? or is it just me...

I thought that I was the only one with my toothbrush obsession.-regan nope I do the same thing can't brush without doing that - avarie

Yea how do u hate a building? It's the stuff that's part of school and learning there that's crap ;-;

So what I want is computers to teach us no homework no exams and for class to start at 10

Teenager Post

Photo - TEENAGER POST They were obviously angry after being woke up from a nap when they wrote this.

This isn't just for teens cuz I do this all the time!!!!


According to math class, "it doesn't do to dwell on things" I have my panic attacks then.


Teenager Posts Of The Week: Homework Tips And How To Twerk True true 😄

Oh yes .

Those are my effin standards. Except they need to be muscular. Like Thor.and they don't have to be tall(short guys are cute)