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Robb seeing his mother. I needed some feels before a good nights rest

What happy times

Arya, Sansa, Robb and Cat stark. Times when the Starks were together and happy.

Only noticed this passage in my reread. She thinks of heroes as beautiful knights she would fall in love with. She never considered that the truest hero was her brother.

Jon Snow beheading Janos Slynt is one of my favorite parts in any book ever.

Resultado de imagem para escamas do Drogon

Ygritte by Ania Mitura “You know nothing Jon Snow. Rose Leslie as Ygritte, Game of Thrones fanart. Character © George R. (via ArtStation - Ygritte, Ania Mitura)

source: that ‘70s show (1998-2006)

source: that ‘70s show (1998-2006)

Littlefinger trolling everybody? #GameofThrones

Spoilers inside Game of Thrones

Yeah, he deserves it......the slamchoke<<< is it bad that I immediately thought, "KILL HIM KILL HIM KILL HIM!!!!"

Jon Snow (played by Kit Harington) and Littlefinger (played Aidan Gillen) in 'Stormborn' of…”

Here's What Maisie Williams Really Thought About Her Epic "Game Of Thrones" Opening Scene

Here's What Maisie Williams Really Thought About Her Epic "Game Of Thrones" Opening Scene

Ugh! She got such a raw deal! Such an awesome character

27 Times Margaery Tyrell Was The Best Character On "Game Of Thrones"

The Moment. The moment of moments. He gave her his cloak, to protect both her dignity and ensure the end of her torment. When a man gives a woman his cloak, he promises to protect her as long as they both are living. He later offers to fulfill the promise but she refuses in fear so he instead rescues and protects her sister. The last two accounted for Starks are still alive because of the promise he makes to this girl. Even if he never said it out loud.

Her worst moment. I think this is the moment that I stopped feeling sorry for her and started rooting for her.