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He's an awesome character!He's slowly becoming one of my most fave characters. Bleach chibi Kokuto again

Akagami no Shirayukihime | this is why Raji is my favorite side character xD

--------------------------- Anime : Akagami no shirayuki hime --------------------------- Go watch it! ~ funimation is telling you to watch it ~

Choose your Sword <---I CAN'T PICK I LOVE THEM ALL BUT THERE ARE MY FAV! They are the only dark/ghost type

Choose one... I really don't know which one I'd pick

Fullmetal Alchemist fan art (that's pretty cute and funny XD ) #anime #manga


Fullmetal alchemist Ed i get you their people still think im nine but lets just enjoy this humor.

Fullmetal Alchemist - Maes Hughes, Roy Mustang, and Riza Hawkeye

My 2 favourite things, Animal Crossing and OHSHC

Ouran High School Host Club meets Animal Crossing - I read every speech bubble in their designated voices.

Well it happens quite often so they have gotten used to it

Ouran High School Host Club - the Hitachiin twins are true friends :D But then why isn't Tamaki in their friends and family plan in their phones like Haruhi.