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Ilmainen kuva Pixabayssa - Forest, Moss, Norja

Ilmainen kuva Pixabayssa - Forest, Moss, Norja

There are moss viewing parties and moss girls. In a country known for its eccentric tastes, is this simply another flash-in-the-pan fad?

"Are there angels up there?" Angel Woods

Serenity: lying on your back on sun-warmed grass, staring into a lush green canopy, listening to the rustling of the leaves…

Too cool!!

Forest Path, The Netherlands. I dream of walking through a truly beautiful forest

Сосна, Лес, Pad, Поляна, Мисти, Мистик, Сосны, Природа

Бесплатные фото на Pixabay - Сосна, Лес, Pad, Поляна, Мисти

Surreal Dreams In a meadow high in the Appalachians surrounded by waving pine trees shedding their harvest of cones fawns bed down around the edges while their mothers graze with antlered bucks sta…

Sunrises, Forests, Breaking Dawn, Woods, Sunsets