Tutustu kiinnostaviin ideoihin!

Change this to shoes instead of socks and that's my life every day! He has a shoe feddish and takes after my sister lol
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Awe, Woody sleeps like this.
Ferret Lattes Are Big Business for Starbucks Businessweek reports some new ferret lifestyle trends with implications for luxury brands  chiefly Starbucks, whose lattes have proven irresistible to the fidgety patrons. The last five years have seen an explosion of middle and upper-middle class ferrets, writes Carrie Dell. And they cant get enough Starbucks. Dont be surprised if you start seeing tiny tables and chairs in your local coffee house. Via yuhiro.
Ferret challenge accepted. I want another one but I don't think the 2 I have would appreciate having to share cuddle time with one more
Because this is how Dragon feels about his Pixie!!!!!!! He wants to snatch her up and keep her as his for forever and ever and ever!!!!
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What do you guys think about Ferrets? http://ift.tt/2gZz2se
How I see my ferrets