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Lukumäärätemppurata http://www.haaraamo.fi/

Lukumäärätemppurata http://www.haaraamo.fi/

Pre-school for-the-schoolhouse.  The mouth and teeth activity would be fun for the dentist theme

Counting Activities

Counters w/ pipe cleaners/beads. great for fine motor skills, too. Fine motor station suggestions for preschool teachers INSTEAD of writing

Hanging the laundry out to dry..  Children use numeral identification skills and counting skills to put the numerals in order on the clothes line.  Make items to hang out to dry base on the theme of study.

Ordinal numbers: Hanging the laundry out to dry. Children use numeral identification skills and counting skills to put the numerals in order on the clothes line. Make items to hang out to dry base on the theme of study.

Math- Addition Cups!  Make this great center for your classroom.  Working with concrete objects helps build numbers sense while students work on composing and decomposing numbers in a fun and kinesthetic way.  For complete directions and suggestion for use, go to:  http://sweetsoundsofkindergarten.blogspot.com/2014/02/math-addition-cups.html?spref=pi

Math Center-Sweet Sounds of Kindergarten : Math- Addition Cups! Cups have holes in them so that the manipulative a drop through. The kids use white board markers to write the numbers.

A fantastic hands-on activity. I'll definitely be setting this up in the classroom!

A fun way to encourage addition math skills with cups and paper towel or toilet paper rolls - students can build their own adding machine

Number Cards Matching Game -  Bright colorful cards showing each number 8 different ways - numeral, number word, dice, base ten blocks, objects, tally marks, ten frames, and dominoes. This set includes numbers 1-20. Choose two or more ways to represent each number and use them in a matching game, take one color card (green dice, for example) for each number an have kids put them in number order...the things you could do with these are endless!!!

These number cards are part of a brightly colored matching game set. Two is shown 8 different ways: dice, ten frames, objects, tally marks, and more!

Ordinal Numbers Worksheet

Listening skill worksheet or Ordinal Numbers - another great resource for quick morning work or fillers have a substitute do with the students.

Counting cards are an easy prep, fun way to help kids practice number sequence, one-to-one correspondence, number recognition and {of course} counting! These 15 counting cards are our favorite freebies from across the web. They’re creative, engaging and hands-on. A perfect combo for some serious counting fun. Kids will love adding eyeballs to a batch of colorful monster counting cards. …

15 Clever Counting Cards

Fun approach to decomposing numbers!

Just an image, but this is an great way to practice decomposition using manipulatives to make and break numbers in different ways.

Simple Lego Math Game - great for prek and kindergarten as it works on subitizing.

Lego Math Game For Preschool

Counting Game Learning Numbers Game Felt Toy by AnnsCraftHouse

Kids counting game felt toy makes learning numbers both educational and fun. Match the numbers on the cupcake bottoms to the tops.

Understanding addition through lots of activities and resources. Maths is fun!

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