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Hahahahahahaaaa @breifollowell

Erma answers the phone…

What hollywood would look like as average americans  Dying laughing!

This is so random lol Celebs as ordinary people // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

Three things you want to do in the future…

Three things you want to do in the future…

i laughed. and laughed and laughed some more. but this is actually a really awesome plan: get a girlfriend, kiss her, rule the world, save the universe!

She is embracing a catfish. Not sure if she is dressed...Not sure I want to know. I can't believe these pictures exist! I can't make this stuff up!


I've seen a lot of awkward photos, people…these may be the worst ever. so bad that I can't even tell if they are real or not but they are hilarious anyways.

Ginger: The Ginger Pride Walk In Edinburgh

Don't Make Me Mad Or I Will Ginger Snap - Baby with Red Hair Holds a Warning Sign ---- best hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart humor fail

Another awesome family photo

The wind never stood a chance - funny family portrait - humor -bad family photo

16 Random Acts of Genius that Deserve Recognition

16 Random Acts Of Genius That Deserve Recognition

Bahaha. I could say something so mean but ill keep my mouth shut for once.

Current Day Circus and Freak Show

Ecard: Back before walmart, you used to have to buy a ticket to the fair to see a bearded woman.

Haha... I would have no clue what this meant if my brother hadn't made me watch the stupid video!!

Ginerm Sterl

Funny pictures about Ginerm Sterl. Oh, and cool pics about Ginerm Sterl. Also, Ginerm Sterl photos.

Olsen sisters if they were normal people

now i love oklahoma, but this is so funny.If Celebrities moved to Oklahoma.click through this. really, really, well done photoshop work.

Omg just laughed way too hard at this

Ermagherd Lermpa!


Funny pictures about Bertmern. Oh, and cool pics about Bertmern. Also, Bertmern photos.