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I don't know about "throw[ing]" a party like the one in Project X, but I definitely want to attend one and live it up.

<3 Done! ❤️


Bucket list item - must do! Skydive through a cloud?

Visit Abbey Road and recreate the Beatles cover.

visit abbey road and recreate beatles cover



Have that instant falling in love moment -- Check :)

Love this bucket list addition! Much better than "sleep in the Disney castle" or "get kissed in a snowstorm."

Before I die Bucket list Bucket-list Take part in a protest - Protested AGAINST Westboro [✔]

Your Bucket List.


Bucket List: Accomplish everything posted on perfectbucketlist!

Laughing so hard bc I hate Taylor and I would hate to meet her but if I could ask her I would

Step one: Meet Taylor Swift. Step two: Become BFF's Step three: ask her who her songs are about. We should so do that!

This wasn't my idea but my best friend wants to do this together and if I get the chance there's no way I'm passing it up.


Bucket list: climb a volcano. Done Mount Vesuvius but want to try a more "volcano-like" volcano.

might be lil hard

bucket list: meet bradley cooper I WISH!

Really I've done this a million times so whoever hasn't done this is either a girly girl or a Yankee

Mud wrestle with friends