Helsinki: Natal e Inverno

Helsínquia: Natal e Inverno

Europe Video productions Travel Videos: Winter Helsinki & Christmas Helsinki in Finland - tourism - Helsingin joulu & Helsingin talvi - Suomi - talvi Helsing.

Temppeliaukio church in Helsinki in Finland

Temppeliaukio church in Helsinki in Finland

Santatelevision travel photo: Temppeliaukio church in the capital of Finland – Church of the rock in Helsinki in Finland

Eastern Harbor of Helsinki

Enjoying Winter in Helsinki

Levi Ski Resort, Finland...watched my HTB skiing down this black slope...amazing place!

Levi Ski Resort, Finland (Levi Tunturi) was just a great place to be. Here I learn to ski. Round Levi just gorgeous snow-scooter roads and also the best beef-restaurant ever

Video Helsinki: Navidades

Helsinki: Navidades

Santatelevision video: Christmas in Helsinki in Finland - Winter in Helsinki video - Finnish Christmas in the capital of Finland

Tampere: Mercado de Navidad

Tampere: Mercado de Navidad

VIDEO: Christmas market of Tampere in Finland - Finnish Christmas

From Helsinki with love

From Helsinki with love »

Mercadillo navideño en Helsinki, Finlandia

Mercadillo navideño en Helsinki, Finlandia

Photo: Finnish Christmas market in Helsinki – Helsinki Christmas market in Finland – Christmas market in Capital of Finland

Joulupukin pääposti Rovaniemellä Napapiirillä

Santatelevision travel photo: Santa Claus Main Post Office in Rovaniemi in Lapland in Finland – Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland


Un barco restaurante en el centro de Helsinki en Finlandia

Photo: restaurant boat in Helsinki city-centre in Finland - Finnish restaurant picture - Tourism of Town of Helsinki