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Justice League - The World's "Greatest" Super-Heroes? Any team that counts Aquaman as a member can't be all that great! And, where is The Green Martian?

Marvel vs DC Infographic. Most of this is need-to know, or already known.

Marvel vs DC Infographic

Justice League (2017)...this poster did not require any restoration

Justice League (2017)...this poster did not require any restoration

Empathy, Honor, Justice, Hope, Truth, Will, Vitality, Might, Devotion, Order, Spirit, Trust, Freedom

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Post with 53 votes and 2398 views. Shared by To All My Fellow Justice League/ Young Justice fans. Have A Small Wallpaper Dump

Heroic Words of Wisdom: Inspirational DC Superhero Quotes

Heroic Words of Wisdom by Adam Thompson (DC Comics / Superheroes / Green Arrow / Oliver Queen)

super heroes | algunos wallpaper de superheroes

algunos wallpaper de superheroes

These are facts - This is why I smacked one of my best friends for calling him a loser...

These are facts

All infinity stones revealed by Marvel Cinematic Universe until Age of Ultron/ oh and I was looking for a chart like that one. With all the infinity stones and their locations. I think the last one is at the Eye Of Agamoto, in Doctor Strange's pendant.

Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) just drew a penis on Superman's shirt

Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) just drew a dick on Superman's shirt

The only problem with this poster is Batman should be in front.and well, there is no Justice League movie.~ well I just pooped my pants

Justice League - such greatness in all of these... the design, color and most of all, a strong message.

Superhero words of wisdom: Hilariously, Batman's comes from a movie, because Batman does not say inspiring things in comics.