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You know you're a volleyball player when. oh u just shanked tht ball and all those ppl saw. so aggravating<< except i dont shank<<nobodys perfect<<yeah

my friends tell me that i wear stuff thats too short so i tell them this.

I wore a dress once for my concert, and it wasn't really short, but I still wore spandex underneath. And so did my other friend who's s vball player and her dress wasn't really short😂

you're a softball player/just klutzy me when...i have no idea where they come from most of the time

you're a volleyball player when.I have no idea where they come from most of the time.I did this today for a bruise on my elbow.It really hurt.

You know you're a volleyball player when...

This should definitely apply to soccer, not volleyball. I'd love to see volleyball players play soccer and "destroy people".

lol...volleyball humor  #volleyball #sportquotes #volleyballquotes   I do that all the time :)

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You know you're a volleyball player when.you have tried setting into a basketball hoop. Well definitely me because I play both volleyball AND basketball

This reminds me too much of me

A true volleyball player will always try to get in the game and if not,. At least play with a ball during practice I got a concussion and still played vball for 3 weeks

For you competitive people: )

This is so true because I wS playing a game and this girl I accedently hit I the face came and slapped my hand as hard as she could .

Soccer Love. I actually have to hold my dads arm as I walk around...but he's just as bad =))   #SoccerFamily

I love going to Dick's Sporting Goods and Hibbit's Sports and new running shoes are like a new pair of heels

or the pantry.....

its kinda like volleyball.it starts so early that i can't quite eat dinner. so when i get home its like 2 hours after dinner. i just drop my stuff and go to the fridge