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Surf's up! Pod of 40 bottlenose dolphins ride waves along South African coast

A grey whale feeding in the Gulf of California


Spiritual Ecology Gray whale (eschrichtius robustus) A gray whale feeding at the surface and showing it's baleen. Gulf of California.


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Their horn's are actually their front left tooth. Only the males grow them.

Narwals Narwals swimming in the ocean, causing a co-motion, cuz they are so awesome. OR "bye buddy, hope you find your dad" "Thanks Mr.

45 Phenomenal Moments That Are The Definition Of Perfect Timing

46 Pictures Taken at the Perfect Moment in Time

Funny pictures about Breaking The Water Surface Tension. Oh, and cool pics about Breaking The Water Surface Tension. Also, Breaking The Water Surface Tension photos.

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White Albin Whale = The Rarest

Migaloo, the only known all white humpback whale, was photographed by jenny dean (first, third photos) in the great barrier reef. though often described as albino, migaloo has brown eyes and is more likely leucistic or hypopigmented.

Incredibly lucky and “dumb” surfer swimming in shark infested waters off Greenland. I think I would prefer being at Walmart. never thought I would feel walmart was a better choice.