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Orphaned due to rampant poaching across Africa for their ivory, these baby Elephants were rescued by the wonderful organization DSWT in Nairobi, Kenya. You can help these elephants by becoming a foster parent. or on FB

One of the saddest stories ever… I couldnt even decide what board to put it in because i love it and I hate it.

One of the saddest stories ever…

Funny pictures about One of the saddest stories ever. Oh, and cool pics about One of the saddest stories ever. Also, One of the saddest stories ever.

Move along, son, go say you're sorry !

African Elephant mother and calf, Masai Mara, Keny > National Geographic Art Store

THE ORANGUTANGO ;)  They will be on Dancing With The Stars and Strictly Come Dancing next week lol

These 13 animals have got some serious dance skills. Check out the GIFs below of 13 hilarious animals moving, grooving, and being adorable.

Le sigh, how adorable are those baby elephants? This morning I read  an emotional article  about the  David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust  whi...

The elephant nursery in Kenya! Sheldrick Foundation rescue orphaned elephants and rehabilitate them into the wild. I want to volunteer here!

elephants cute pictures | Cute Elephant Pictures 18707 Hd Wallpapers

Just when it seems like the elephant world is saturated with bad news, from allegations of abuse caught on hidden cameras, to mistreatment during movie training, gems like this video surface and the world seems a little better. aw so cute!