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Some people just know how to be in the perfect place at the right time or they are wizards with photo shop, whatever ... this photo is WOW amazing

"Sunset in Africa - never saw a more beautiful sunset/sunrise than the ones I saw in Africa" The text of the pinner from whom I pinned. I have yet to see an African sunset.

"Absolutely beautiful  set"

"Absolutely beautiful set"


I crave the ocean. When I close my eyes and picture my ideal home, it is right beside the ocean. A giant deck looking out over the beach. Whenever I am near the ocean, I feel incredibly free and alive.

Image from https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/bc/76/7b/bc767b9238e96f35ef0d06a782945bc1.jpg.

Underground dwelling o/t Tuatha d Danaan or- "Children f Danu", mythological mother goddess o/t Irish Celts. Fairy folk like Leprechauns inhabit these places, particularly under th burial aka fairy mounds

Redwood National Park, in northern California - this stunning photo depicts a soaring tree piercing a gauzy sky.

Redwood National Park is located on the Northern California Coast. These trees are among the tallest on Earth.

Ain't Nothin' Else Like an Ol' Country Road It Just Sorta Soothes the Soul From Your Head Down to Your Toes

Country road - take me home. I was raised in the country, learned to drive on dirt roads like these

~~Massive Mood ~ first autumn colors on the edge of a sleeping volcano, Chaîne des Puys, France by FlorentCourty~~

LA ISLA DE HAWAII PARAÍSO Tiene cascadas, volcanes, playas, bosques tropicales, hasta las montañas cubiertas de nieve. Esto se debe a que la isla es lo suficientemente grande como par…

♥ We Have All The Time In The World ♥

:: ☽ suNRise ☼ SUnsET ☀ :: - What I wouldn't give to be walking a beach like this in a warm beautiful place.lost in my thoughts looking for answers to questions I simply don't understand.

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