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The Lorax (Panic at the disco bad members secretly put in) :)

I love Brendon Urie

First, there's Super awesome hardcore man, and then there's the little ADHD 13 yr old and I love them both.

Does nobody realize his glittery pants for concerts are basically the same thing? The sports bra is funny, though.

Brendon Urie in leggings >> I have seen of Tyler like this. They're all connected

omg me and bren can make the same faces we're so similar looks like we're best friends now haha funny how that works out

Brendon Urie<<it's his eternal sunshine reflecting off the window

( Things have changed) they should've used that reference instead of a Fall Out Boy reference

I think you meant to say, Things have changed for me, and thats ok, because thats a panic lyric and not a fob lyric

Brendon <3<<< Nodnerb*

yeha but what about like other previous band members (rip ow) or other bands?

Fun fact about P!ATD<<< cool fact, but Ryan isn't the bassist, at this time it was Jon

"Bassist Ryan Ross" "These Four Twinks Hit The Band Floor"

Oh my god it’s adorable!!!!

Oh my god it’s adorable!!!!

How do people find these things

Oh Brendon>>> we know that you're awesome Brendon, but sweetie, I can drink 9 caprisuns in 5 minutes.

lol Brendon Who could ever really believe that he's Satan??

Yes Brendon and honestly me fucking too like people call me a demon/ Satan hahaha

Girls/Girls/Boys XD

Girls/Girls/Boys XD omfg I always thought what the hell is he doing with his arms.