Stone spice grinder

Stone spice grinder by Tom Dixon is an elegant accessory for your kitchen. The bowl is made of marble and the ball is made of brass and weighted with an inner cast iron core.

stone serving trays

Rablabs' Kiva Platters are solid rose quartz, emerald quartz, crystal, and calcedonia slabs that have been edged with silver or gold


A mortar and pestle is a tool used to crush, grind, and mix solid substances (trituration). The pestle is a heavy bat-shaped object, the e.

SUM collection / S.O.O.P.

S.O.O.P. natural basics

pottery Anthropologie Verdant bread bin  $158.00  Bread bin?  COOKIE JAR!

It's beautiful - it's a bread bin, but I'm using it as inspiration for my new canister search. Also, why are all of the canisters I like twelve million dollars?

The new Le Creuset matte collection. Gorgeous!

Le Creuset Matte Collection

The new Le Creuset matte collection. I would love to have a Le Creuset 5 or 6 qt Dutch oven!