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Well, just a simple sketch of my human versions of Bonnie and Chica. I'm not a friend of submit sketches, but weh there's always a first time. Bonnie and Chica sketch


Mangle scared the night guard more than Foxy, That was the guy BEFORE Jeremy.

Five Nights at Freddy's Toy chica and Toy Freddy Christmas!

Hey Toy chica this little comic strip shows you that I ship you and toy Freddy 😜

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 You're my best friend Mangle and Old Foxy

Childhood vibes on this one xD yay I did it THE VIDEO (C) Scott Cawthon (C) Scott Cawthon You're my best friend Mangle and Old Foxy meme

rebornica fritz - - Yahoo Image Search Results

nah, I'm just sitting in a scary pizza place with crazy animatronics trying to stuff me in a Freddy suit. nope totally not stressed.