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Love this graphic black and red tattoo . I had no idea this style even existed . Worries me as far as how many tattoo artists can pull this off


Polish tattooist Marcin Aleksander Surowiec has mastered the art of neo traditional tattoos, seamlessly melding figural and abstract elements in a dazzling array of colors. - Polish tattooist Marcin Aleksander Surowiec has.

fox by Valentin Hirsch

lifeftme: cvntism: nyjahatuatao: Valentin Hirsch Omg i actually wanted a tattoo like this omfg


birds flying through time clock breaks clock broke, time broken time flies tattoo I love the style. Maybe I could get something else like a globe or something to do with geology/paleontology.

L'artiste tatoueur Jun Cha réalise des tatouages magnifiques et impressionnants, tirant son inspiration de l'art classique, entre Grèce antique et Renaissance

30 superbes Tatouages de Jun Cha – Entre Grèce antique et Renaissance

The tattoo artist Jun Cha creates beautiful and impressive tattoos, taking inspiration from classical art, from ancient Greece to Renaissance.

Bouits, Bouits ? Bouits ! - Journal du Design

Bouits, Bouits ? Bouits

I kind of like the random geometric color change in this one. On a sunflower it would probably be best from black to a goldenrod-ish color.

tatuajes - Buscar con Google

Dmitriy Samohin from Ukraine is without a doubt one of the most talented realistic tattoo artists in the world. Both his color and black and grey work has set a new level to what constitutes “good” realistic tattooing.