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Quote from Sherlock 4x03 │  Mary Watson (from recording): When life gets too strange, too impossible, too frightening, there is always one last hope. When all else fails, there are two men sitting arguing in a scruffy flat like they’ve always been there, and they always will. THE best and wisest men I have ever known. My Baker Street boys. Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. │ #Sherlock #Quotes

40 Best Sherlock Quotes from 'The Final Problem' (4x03

Just when episode 1 had me cringing and the missing the good old days of pink suitcases and gas masks, here they go, laying it all out at the end and leaving me shattered!

The funny faces of BBC Sherlock. <3

"I Don't Understand" Limited Edition

my pin is cooler then your pin, LIV! Hmmm, sorry not quite. (Sherlock bbc is really a show about epic facial expressions)

http://namecchan.deviantart.com/art/Mycroft-Holmes-450765867 (28 april 2014)

Mycroft Holmes by Namecchan on deviantART - Sherlock BBC fan art

Sherlock Sketch by feyjane. // Hah, "sketch." I wish my sketches looked like this.

Sherlock Sketch by feyjane." I wish my sketches looked like this.>>>I wish drawings I spend three hours over looked like this.

They could add euros "redheaded classmate gone missing, also, homework lit on fire"... X-)

Sherlock and Mycroft's school disciplinary forms. i could definitely see this happening - spin off idea! the holmes boys' shenanigans in school

Sherlock On Tumblr #46 my thoughts every morning coming home from work and plugging my phone in!!

Meme Center - Largest Creative Humor Community

Litterally same to the last one tho I always have trouble plugging in my phone<<<<Yep

sherlock holmes quotes | sherlock holmes fan art | Sherlock Holmes by ~JamesTheShark on ...

Sherlock Holmes by JamesTheShark

The dangers of the violin!! jk this is amazing!!!

Шерлок - 2.

coeykuhn: more sherlock fanart? *HASAPROBLEM-NOIWONTGETHELP*Moriarty n Sherli :U Original sketch had john there (behind him) instead but it just wasnt working out. Moriarty- what’s w/ that smoke? u a wizard? quit that.

omg, i love this!!! "You see but you do not observe". Sherlock Holmes tattoo

omg, i love this! "You see but you do not observe".

Sherlock and Redbeard ♥ You can't be a cold hearted bastard if you love a dog. I'm talking to you to Mycroft!

Sherlock and Redbeard.//redbeard is not.a dog.

I know Ben...I know. It really was always me.<--- If only Sherlock existed and I was his best friend/girlfriend... I wouldn't even need to date him, just to know him and be his best buddy :)

It's always You *gif* << this boosts my self esteem.

Jim by Namecchan on deviantART.com  This is my favourite Moriarty fanart till date...

Jim by Namecchan on deviantART This is my favourite Moriarty fanart till date.

Men's Fashion - How To Look Sharp This Winter – PS 1983

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I took Zimbio's 'Sherlock' quiz and I'm Irene Adler! Who are you? <<< I'm Molly Hooper!!!! :D

Which 'Sherlock' Character Are You?

When I took the Sherlock character quiz, I got Irene Adler- The Woman!

That is the sign of true friendship right there...

What Sherlock remembers

Sherlock remembers how John takes his coffee (Johnlock)