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whooooooooooooua, paaaaiiiinfffuuuulllll!

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club season just ended my girls and i can't go a few minutes without crying

after school season, I started club season (just ended), & in a few weeks my volleyball summer league starts!

I accedentally hit one of my teammates on the butt, and she almost fell over... oops

You know you're a volleyball player when. My team almost always gets their serves over so no fear of this:)

Especially in big games.

You know you're a volleyball player when. One of the girls on my team does this and it's so annoying even for me

I go to flippin' Starbucks in my Volleyball shorts... Cause I don't care, I love it.  xD

i have no problem with it whatsoever. Plus switch the word volleyball player to cheerleader and switch cheerleader to gymnast

I have a bruise that never wants to go away because of this hip problems funny

You also know you're a good volleyball player when you don't have to dive because you are in the right spot prior to the spike.