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Candies yum

This is a candy pit. You won't get a pink eye, but you may have to start eating your vegetables. Who needs vegetables when you got candy

Chip It! by Sherwin-Williams – Elsie

Unicorn bacon!

Unicorn bacon!

Por uma casa cheia de potes de doces sem engordar!!

Gumball Prize Machines Quarter Turn Style, Rainbow and Neon Colors. Silver and Black. Two, Double, Machines.

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The gumdrops for the Gumdrop Mountains for the Candyland Party Sand buckets Clear spray Glitter

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Sugary rings--A sweet-sour type candy.

little reasons to smile

18 POUNDS Sour Skittles Flavors Retro Gourmet Bulk Machine Candy New Lot- from nvcandy

hislittlebookishbelle: babygirlj21: hislittlebookishbelle: @babygirlj21 MOMMY DO YOU WANT ME TO BRING MY GLITTERS WHEN I VISIT? @hislittlebookishbelle Absolutely not. They are forbidden.(Beast will kill me.)

If your in emergency that there no more glitter.eat one Pill to be refresh

When summer hits and you are traveling through Europe, you will come across these wonderful Gelatos. I will have some if I'm walking a lot.

different types of ice creams

mmm! i love fruit. especially strawberries, kiwi, and blackberries:*

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pastel stars

Art n crafts time 🌿 Vee

Sweet ceces

i luv froyo!

Omg, That's Totally Me

Just Girly Things ❤ I think mcdonald's french fries are the best food in Mcdonalds.

Nothing is to sour for me sorry it's really not

Cher is back on the charts with ‘Woman’s World’

Airheads Extreme Sweet Sour Belts Candy Macros May 20102

"That's right. Congratulations, Lieutenant. Or would 'Your Majesty' be more appropriate?"   #VCFisSweet

make your own edible wallpaper with candy/marshmallows/cereal/gumdrops/etc & sugar paste. track up on walls, than pick/peel/eat