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Enkelikaupunki (Enkelioppi, #2) - Danielle Trussoni

Enkelikaupunki (Enkelioppi, #2) - Danielle Trussoni

My favorite book in the series followed by year three at Hogwarts, The Prisoner of Azkaban.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. in the harry potter series. Already a movie. It's the biggest but still very good!

"1 more chapter.." I whispered, 2 hours ago

"It's I should really go to bed. Oh, but this chapter ended with a cliffhanger! I have to read the next chapter to see what happens."THIS HAPPENS TO ME ALL THE TIME! That's why I don't read before bed anymore😊

Book club

A bar with late night drinks and snacks of choice, big plush chairs with programmable music, built in speakers and headphones for those who like background noise while they read, yeah I could get behind something like this.C'mon people, make it happen.

In the top 5 of the best books I have ever read. Non-fiction, amazing, heroic story. A MUST READ!

December Book Club

Unbroken: a World War II story of survival, resilience, and redemption by Laura Hillenbrand.The staff member who submitted the recommendation says "You’ll find yourself wanting to read this enthralling true story of WWII POW Louis Zamperini in a day.

Angels & Demons, by Dan Brown  Not my usual style, but it was worth reading. Really suspenseful and sometimes very surprising.

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