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Beautiful aquarium. ( Even without the fish! LOL!)

Plants were in amazing form. Just like the rockwork, it's better to stick with a single sort of plant. Ten good high quality plastic plants of the exact same type may look very good, but ten distinct species just resembles a jumble.

Whisper of the Pines

100 Aquascape Ideas

Absolutely stunning and amazing . exactly like a miniature forest and mountain landscape under water .

Fische und andere Tierarten als letzter Schritt im Aquarium einsetzen

This Reef Tank Photos Galleries Index provides easy access to the Top Reef Tank Photos Galleries. Here are the best of reef tank aquarium pictures.

Mooi ontwerp

All Aquarium Info - Where to buy Garra Rufa , Doctor Fish and Other Aquatic Articles: January 2012


Make a 3D Aquarium Background

Tutorial for aquarium background. Dang spiffy, especially for a cichlid tank if you added lots of caves.

Not a cichlid fan, but what i wouldn't give for that tank...265 Gallon African Cichlid Aquarium | PetSolutions

Not a cichlid fan, but what i wouldn't give for that Gallon African Cichlid Aquarium