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Bosign M  32,50€

Hideaway by Bosign AB - 2012 gia Finalist - Best Product Design

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Pin Rain Shield, A Clever Redesign of the Umbrella. On the hierarchy of design, I believe that this fulfills all of the layers including creativity. The shield not only acts as a conventional umbrella, but also a shield from wind and sideways rain.

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36 Inventos que toda ama de casa debería tener

Cherry and Olive Pitter: This time saving tool makes pitting cherries and olives easy while the fruit remains whole. Cool and Useful Kitchen Tools 17

Smart Or Stoopid? - Gallery

35 Smart or Stoopid Ideas

Stainless Steel Pineapple Corer/Slicer/Peeler--want this so bad! i hate cutting up pineapple!

WOW! How cool is THAT? Juices AND catches the seeds!!!

More random stuff I don’t need but kinda want… (39 photos)

Looks like this lemon juicer catches the seeds? I hate having to fish the seeds out with a spoon.

Bag Clips. Love it for cereals!!

50 Cool Kitchen Gadgets Everyone Needs

Copco Bag Caps are innovative lids for bagged foods that seal in freshness without having to remove an item from its original packaging. These are a great idea. Needed in my home especially because my kids eat chips a bunch!

Joseph Joseph Space-Saving Folding Colander | Stores Flat

I gotta get me one of these! Folding colander // packs completely flat for storage! designed by Joseph Joseph [By the way, I bought this one a few years ago. it's absolutely awesome and I use it all the time!

plate dip clip

Plate Dip Clips

Plate Dip Clips attach to plates and hold dip. So it won't bleed all over your food before you're ready for it, or nuzzle up to items it isn't meant to touch, or run amok on the flat plate surface and become more of a scrape than a dip. When I go to pa