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Don't even care if I already pinned this

Cheers to 101 shows of Sounds Live Feels Live, here's to the crew that worked so hard this year, Heres to playing to fans at shows around the world this year. Thank you so much, see you soon with a album ❤️ 📸

luke y calum

Calum & Luke can you stop being so perfect That face is creepy Luke!

i feel so attacked

Happy birthday to the goofball that I love so much can't believe he's 19 now I'm so speechless SHIT there are now words to describe how I feel right now. He's just perfect! :) (he'll never see this anyways oh well)

*cries bc perfection*

“ 5 Seconds of Summer performs the first of 2 sold out shows a the Forum in Inglewood on November 2014 ”

Those skinny jeans must be pretty dang stretchy

Luke Hemmings this is further proof that Luke is a punk rock ballerina 5 Seconds Of Summer is not punk rock. He is just a ballerina.

If you don't have this pic of Luke in your 5sos board I'm judging you>>> OH MY GOSH WHY HAVE I NEVER SEEN THIS.

ASHTON-im very happy and peaceful LUKE- *being adorably weird* CALUM- ah yes this is normal behavior for my band


Imagine: The boys answer fans questions while onstage. One fan asks Luke how your relationship is going, he smiles like crazy even just thinking about you.<< re pinning bc best imagine ever