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Love letting them create the visuals. They are so much more likely to use the…

First Grade – putting visuals with our strategies - use as a classroom anchor chart

Counting money (use quarters and dollars for 3rd grade)  If I paid with a $5.00 bill what would my change be?

Math: Money-adapt this idea and use picture of coins on each scoop. Have students build their own ice cream cone and total the money amount.

number of the day for upper grades...you could do this as "calendar Math" by using the day's date...ex: 9/5/12= 9,512

Instead of MATH MEETINGS, why not try a daily brain workout for your accelerated students? math journal number of the day

Kids love to learn about money, but it can often be tricky to keep the coins straight. These coin identification money mazes challenge students to pick out the correct coins and reveal the maze path from top to bottom. They are the perfect compliment to our popular Money Activity Pack! Getting Started To prep this activity, I printed out the four different mazes for each

Coin Identification Money Mazes

Great for teaching coin identification in first grade or second grade. Would be a fun math center or money game.

Only 6 Key Multiplication Facts to Learn

How to Learn Times Tables

How to learn your times tables fast. There are a few tricks to help you with your times tables and even a link to my video "How to Learn Your Times Tables Fast"

FREE Telling Time Puzzles

FREE Telling Time Puzzles