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I hired a hunky young man to mow my lawn. He comes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.


MAXINE: When the neighbors play music too loud, I dance naked. Shuts 'em down pretty quick.


Maxine: The early bird may get the worm, but the night owl gets the tequila!

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Maxine: The only thing I'm growing this spring is older and more irritable.

Daily... evil lil bugger...

Maxine~mine says "REJECT"! LOL # Autoimmune Diseases, Chronic illnesses and Chronic Pain Time for more Maxine before I hit the sac.

It should be...;)

With all the craziness in Washington, I'm surprised April Fools' Day isn't a federal holiday.

A good friend is like a Margarita ~

Maxine If you stay away from alcohol, sex, and junk food, you still won't live forever .