Black Veil Brides

andy sixx black veil brides lead singer without all his makeup and stuff. the only one who doesn't look like a girl slightly XP<<<<<WTH did you dust say you just insulted the men that saved my life - Mad

Why Is Andy Biersack SO Hot? - I watched this and I almost died of laughter!!! This guy is so awesome & truthful it's not even fair!!! Make the worl fair! #IllegalizeAndy

Why Is Andy Biersack SO Hot? Even Onision asked the question.<<<I love his Andy Biersack vids.

Batman drawing batman

Batman drawing batman

I'm most annoyed by the random capitals and inconsistent quote marks

Andy Biersack quote *Black Veil Brides*

So truer than true!

Andy Berisack - Black Veil Brides

Read almost at the end from the story black veil brides (fan fic) by fortheliving with reads. I woke in a hospital room, I was pre.