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This is true but I choose my words very carefully. Like a grenade, motherfucker. Like a grenade.-lol not my quote,but true

:-) nice face. Since when I done u wrong U jus cannot accept the fact that I ignore u. Erase u By trying so hard. So tiring right. I feel so sad and sorry for u But tooo bad. All u do went in vain And ask urself. Y I rather chose a past person than a coward. At rleast he hold and take his responsibilities. U ? Haaaa Ran away. I forgive ? I forget ? I jus Wan to erase u. Ignore u till u get e f out of my life and way

Gotta laugh, but its must be in a dungeon for sometime after youve done me wrong. Forgiveness takes time.♡♡♡ Shackles & chains, The Dragon♡Capricorn quotes

and I do it all the time

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Capricorn. YES, I told people but they don't want to listen to me!

I feel like most pictures like this were just made by Capricorns who want to manipulate people into listening to them. This is a PSA, I am betraying my own kind, but it's for a good cause.


That's not strictly true-I expect admiration of my generosity and love for the care I show.-I agree, I will expect a little something in return<

My boyfriend is a Capricorn :)

Capricorn = Loyalty I give & expect to receive complete loyalty from my friends. Loyalty & trust is everything!


Daily Horoscope ,- Capricorn has a wild side that only a select few ever get to see. Daily Horoscope 2017 Description Capricorn has a wild side that only a select few ever get to see.