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haha YES WE NEED THIS!!!!!

Why isn't this being funded?

For me it would be that I respond to band members' names faster than my own XD

I respond to the intro of Fall Out Boy songs faster than I respond to my own name.>> This is why the intros to Fall Out Boy should BE my name.

There are two ways to read this... I prefer the funnier one

Not Every Single Long Sentence Is A Song Title By Fall Out Boy by Panic! at the Disco

It's funny, because this is exactly what I've been doing most of the evening, but right now I'm listening to Bang the Doldrums and yelling "YOU'RE ALL WRONG / ARE WE ALL WRONG?" really loud in my head, so….But this is spot on. Incredibly so. Every single song of theirs, somehow, has The Comfort Food Quality.

I usually listen to a combination of FOB, BVB and band interviews because they make me laugh


I can just imagine patrick with this like really confused look and he's just like *weird facial expression* "no it's not." and Pete is just laughing the entire time idk I thought it was funny lol

I was watching an event where fob were preforming and my dad said the same thing

I was watching an event where fob were preforming and my dad said the same thing<<< from now on, referring to patrick as 'pretty boy stump'

Those batch of emos included me lol

yesss a new batch of darklings This little girl at my church ( THREE YEARS OLD) was like, I saw big hero six! and I choked << and the next generation will either be a bunch of emos or frozen fans

This makes me incredibly because fall really is my favorite season XD

It's funny because fall really is my fav season (and of course FOB is my fav band)

I bleed My Chemical Romance...as well as the occasional Fall Out Boy...but the latter only happens when im wearing my fedora...

Blood type: Pete Wentz<< when you get punched in the face 20 dollar nose bleed starts playing

I Don't Care lyrics lol

"I Don't Care" - Fall Out Boy // This is an accurate representation of this song.