IKEA - SVARTSJÖN, Tumbler, Can be combined with SVARTSJÖN soap dispenser and soap dish.

SVARTSJÖN Tumbler, turquoise

SVARTSJÖN Turqoise set for master bathroom


IKEA - SVARTSJÖN, Soap dispenser, Easy to refill as the dispenser has a wide opening.Can be combined with SVARTSJÖN mug and soap dish.

EKOLN Seifenspender - türkis - IKEA

IKEA - EKOLN, Soap dispenser, turquoise, , Easy to refill as the dispenser has a wide opening.

MJÖSA Distributeur savon - turquoise  - IKEA

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IKEA - BOLMÅN, Shower curtain, , Densely-woven polyester fabric with water-repellent coating.The elastic sewn into the bottom edge adds weight to the curtain and assures that it hangs straight.

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EKOLN Distributeur savon, gris foncé 4,99 €

EKOLN Distributeur savon, turquoise

IKEA - EKOLN, Soap dispenser, dark gray, , Easy to refill as the dispenser has a wide opening.

KORKEN Bocal avec couvercle, verre transparent


IKEA - KORKEN, Jar with lid, The jar has an aroma-tight seal, which makes it perfect for preserving your favourite homemade jams and jellies.The aroma-tight seal helps food retain its flavour and aroma longer.

IKEA - BALUNGEN, Distributeur savon, , Facile à remplir grâce à la grande…

BALUNGEN Distributeur savon, chromé

IKEA - BALUNGEN, Soap dispenser , Easy to refill as the dispenser has a wide opening.Small, hidden plastic feet at the base keep the soap dispenser in place, while protecting your sink from scratches.

IKEA - IVRIG, Verre, La forme effilée de ce verre sans pied permet de l'utiliser pour du vin blanc car il contribue au développement des arômes et des saveurs de la boisson.

IVRIG Verre, verre transparent

IKEA IVRIG Glass Clear glass 30 cl The glass has an elongated shape which allows you to use it as a white wine glass without a foot, as the shape helps.

Accessoires salle de bain - IKEA

IKEA MJÖSA toilet brush/holder Interior plastic container is easy to remove for cleaning.

IKEA - KALKGRUND, Soap dispenser, , Easy to keep clean, thanks to the fingerprint-proof surface.The chrome finish is durable and resistant to corrosion.Easy to refill as the dispenser has a wide opening.

KALKGRUND Soap dispenser, chrome plated

IKEA - TACKAN, Soap dispenser, , Easy to refill as the dispenser has a wide…

TACKAN Soap dispenser, white

OGGI® Round Glass 12 oz. Soap Dispenser - www.BedBathandBeyond.com

Oggi Round Glass 12 oz. Soap Dispenser in Clear

Update the décor in your kitchen or bathroom with the OGGI Round Glass Soap Dispenser. The elegant molded glass dispenser has a chrome pump head for a finished look. Perfect for your favorite soap or lotion.