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See 9 easy ways to support rescue dogs. Please! Consider Adoption & Rescue First! You give a pup a chance to live, they give you Love for Life.

9 Easy Ways to Support Rescue Dogs

See 9 easy ways to support rescue dogs. ^^ my friend Greg from Rescue Road Trips!

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They said cause I was a pit bull, no family would want me.

Look at that Happy face! All pitties want is someone to love. Blame the deed not the breed! They are the most affectionate dogs. Think about giving a homeless dog the happiness that is written all over this puppy's face.

Poster series created from a partnership between the Pet Rescue Network and FURminator in order to help get all of their current fosters dogs adopted.

Think Outside the Breed***rescue a Dog

Stop buying puppies from backyard breeders. Be apart of the solution rather than the problem. Adopt and save a life.

Adopt don't buy!

Boycott stores that sell puppies.help the movement to stop puppy mills.