Finding Hidden Storage In Your Kitchen Pantry

Kitchen pantry storage ideas can often be limited and cluttered. The options for organization and kitchen pantry storage ideas are endless; the key is picking the ones that work best for your space, your style and your family's eating habits.


good idea if you have the room (basement? large utility room or pantry?unclog the kitchen cabinets! - thinking of moving pantry items to cabinets and appliances to pantry drawers.

20 Pull-Out Shelving Units to Organize Your Kitchen

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Veggie Pantry Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly Wood Mode Kitchens click through for a lot of great ideas for the new kitchen.lazy corner, veggie bins, baking pan cupboard dividers and more = too close to the oven, but the idea is good.

DUDE. I want my kitchen to look like this. :)

Declutter pantry tips and ideas - love the idea of using inexpensive file boxes to hold pantry supplies by function

How to keep your fridge smelling fresh, and tips for getting and keeping the funk out for good!

Fridge Smelling Fresh

DIY: How to Organize your Refrigerator - lots of easy tips on how to keep your fridge organized, cleaner and more efficient - via First Home Love Life

Clever Storage Ideas That I love! Remodelaholic

Clever Storage Ideas That I love!

Great idea for storage closet door- Hanging Metal Storage Bins (A Tutorial) - Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY Projects


See through cupboard doors. Put Corners to Work Perpendicular countertops result in extra-deep corners that often go to waste. Put this area to work storing small appliances. Install a door that slides down to conceal the contents.

Good idea. I would label the clothes pins with days of the week.

DIY Menu Planning & The Ultimate Menu Board. Plan weekly meals and shopping lists easily.the ingredients are listed on the backs of the menu cards for ease of shopping


Small Walk In Maple Melamine Pantry - eclectic - closet - los angeles - Kay Wade, Closet Factory, VP-Head Designer