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Spotted at Barberossa Beachclub The Hague

JORRE VAN AST: New Tools for Old Problems Inhabitat, Jorre van Ast, Table Clamp, Clampology - Gallery Page 2 – Inhabitat - Sustainable Desig...

JORRE VAN AST: New Tools for Old Problems

Jorre van Ast has a knack for realizing common problems that plague us in our daily lives – especially the ones we aren't aware of. An industrial designer, his projects approach these problems with a

Wisely thought clamped stools by Daniel Glazman

The ‘Clamped Stool’ is a three leg knock-down stool, assembled with a single clamp based joint, integrated with one of the stools legs that locks the whole construction together, giving it its strength.


The clamp table is a universal table leg set that is able to be easily attached, using a clamp mechanism to any flat surface in order to produce a tabletop


Industrial side tables - outdoor set maybe! Lowe's has the lowdown on making these industrial side tables.

Tabouret Offset | Giorgio Biscaro

Tabouret Offset / Giorgio Biscaro

offset stool - Giorgio Biscaro is presenting his new design, the Offset stool, at Milan Design Week. Biscaro is interested in working with plywood, which--while i.

Clamp-On Table Legs - Adapt.Table Legs by designers Ta Yang Hsu and Francois Elphick

Elegant, Clamp-On Table Legs Attach In Seconds

Clamp-on table legs are a great idea. Here are two new models that don’t look like carpentry equipment.

UMA by Kazunaga Sakashita

Minimal Design Blog

UMA is a minimalist design created by Japan-based designer Kazunaga Sakashita. The design was inspired by trestles found in factories and co.

Clamped table by Ryan Sorrell

Adjustable Furniture - Right in time for the fall semester are these adjustable table legs by Ryan Sorrell. Apparently these adjustable table legs can be clamped onto t.