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8 Solar-Powered Mobile Chargers

This nifty DIY charger is available as a set from Brown Dog Gadgets. Running on AA batteries, this awesome portable charger gives juice to any of your USB gadgets.

Bite Alarm! Carp Fishing 1.04.0

AP Said: " Bite Alarm! Carp Fishing Pin now, look later.

Fuel Micro Charger by Devotec

Fuel Micro Charger by Devotec

Devotec Industries is raising funds for Fuel: The world's smallest cell phone charger on Kickstarter! A keyring sized charger that can power up your cell phone for extra talk time whenever you need.

AMAZING end-cut floors by @Fiona Richards

DIY End Grain Wood Flooring! Looks like a combination between wood & brick flooring in the end~

MY LIGHT by Asestrada157

Hello, I hope you like this mini comic. In synthesis, it is an alternate Universe set in an ancient era, Nick is a solitary prisoner who every night tal. MY LIGHT

20 awesome projects for Raspberry Pi | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Software engineer Shaun Gehring came up with this cool build that turns a Raspberry Pi into a Pandora jukebox by using the computer as an Airplay receiver and adding an LCD screen, some buttons, a couple resistors and a WiFi adapter.

5000mAh Portable Solar Charger - IP65 Weatherproof, Dust proof, shockproof, 1.2W Mono-Crystalline Solar Panel, Torch

Solar Charger With 2 USB Charging ports has an Weatherproof and Dust proof rating and uses a Mono-crystalline solar panel for recharging on the go. Weatherproof, Dustproof and Shockp

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26 Tech DIY Projects For The Nerd In All Of Us

Build a Solar Charger For iPhones In 30 Minutes : TreeHugger

Build a Solar Charger For iPhones In 30 Minutes