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bird tattoos

I would love to get a bird tattoo like Tis does in Divergent, one for each family member in a trail leading to my heart

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I would consider marriage tattoos, but I would most likely stick to a symbol. No words or cliche lock and key art (which I find offensive anyway). Would want something simplistic and clean and easily hidden by a real ring as an option.

"in memory" tattoo in my Moms handwriting :-)

"in memory" tattoo in my Mom's handwriting :-) Wanna do something like this in my grandpas hand writing


OMG I want this so bad.beautiful font beautiful placement and I know people should never get couple tats but me and Jare ALWAYS say I love you more lol!

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Tatouages après mastectomie étonnants

Mastectomy Tattoos: meet some amazing cancer survivors who chose body art instead of reconstructive surgery.


Tatouage poignet discret parfait pour être dissimulé ou affiché en douceur

Minimalist flower tattoo Milena Kirsche I LOVE love love love this. My wrists are too small for bracelets.but a wrist tattoo I could totally do.

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love the placement and the font

"Fate fell short this time, your smile fades in the summer." Blink 182 Really really wanting this!

elegant forearm faith heartbeat tattoo quotes - faith quotes

collected elegant forearm faith heartbeat tattoo quotes - faith quotes in Fancy Tattoos. Discover the best & seductive heartbeat tattoo quotes, faith tattoo quotes.