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21 Couples Who Are So Damn Extra It'll Make You Smile

21 Couples Who Are So Damn Extra It'll Make You Smile

A good ol' fashioned drive in. One of my favorite childhood memories!! My whole family went to these on weekends..Usually had a mosquito coil burning ... Loved to play at the playground at the front of the theatre I remember standing in line to get snacks  and candy at the snack bar!

Drive In movie theater. You and I are going to a drive in movie this summer come HELL or HIGH WATER!

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I LOVE cruising because I love to go places with my Mom. It is even better if I get the chance to snuggle wth Mom. I am a happy camper in this summer photo.

Future Wedding

Couple idea: His & Her's cell phone backgrounds of their couple pictures split to see the significant other; when the phones are set next to each other it is the whole/entire/original picture - So Cute!

Rustic couples's shot

old truck engagement pictures. engagement pictures in the country. Good idea with our truck and our Monte Carlo.