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before i die



Bucket list/ before I die I want to go on a road trip but like a cross country road trip with friends

This wasn't my idea but my best friend wants to do this together and if I get the chance there's no way I'm passing it up.


Bucket list: climb a volcano. Done Mount Vesuvius but want to try a more "volcano-like" volcano.

this sounds awesome!

Ride the largest/tallest rollercoaster in the world: The Kingda Ka at Six Flags in New Jersey. Its 456 feet high!

bucket list -- star in a movie

Maybe not star in one. but I do want to act in a movie before I die. More than an extra, but don't want to become a "movie star" either. One maybe two indie films :)

Done! October 2016


Visit the United States Library of Congress (Washington DC). the largest library in the world with more than 162 million books!

I'd just go for a Tiffany diamond since I already have a ring.  =)

This would be the perfect thing to scratch off my bucket list. Every girl wants to see that small Tiffany blue box that is holding their future in the palm of the man they loves hands, and all that girl has to do is say yes.

Check! Miami 2016