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Dentists Smile Face Masks,  Click the link to view today's funniest pictures!

Let’s put a smile on that dentist…

Another pinner said: "Wish they wore these at my dentist's office lol." Yeah right! My doctor wears a rat and clown mask and it is CREEEEPPPPYYYY! I have like a mental breakdown before each trip to the dentist just because of his masks.

I think about this all the time when I see my ex who is a waiter, paid-under-the-table tile guy, and unemployed drunk.

Funny Confession Ecard: Dont cry because its over, smile because it happened and he didnt get you pregnant.

If Britney Spears can survive 2007, I should be able to get through today.

If Britney Spears can survive 2007 I can live through today // ecard

"How much is this?" ...as they hold the price tag out to you...well, let's see, the tag says $24.99 so it must be $24.99.

So true! this is to funny! Until you work in customer service answering phones, etc. because there are seriously some stupid questions out there, that make you wan tto give stupid answer!


Guilty as hell! I rearrange the dishwasher everytime I roommate put something in because she put it right in the middle taking up as much room as possible. drives me crazy we have to do it they don't know how to load the dishwasher

I amuse myself everyday...and laugh even harder when the tight wads around me don't 'get it'.

Funny Encouragement Ecard: Blessed are we who can laugh at ourselves for we shall never cease to be amused.

I don't see it as being 'reclusive' or being 'anti-social.' I see it more as 'self-defense against the stupidity of others...

Free, Workplace Ecard: I don't see it as being "reclusive" or being "anti-social" I see it more as "self-defense against the stupidity of others.

men just cant take being sick....

Funny Apology Ecard: Oh you have a cold? How rude of me. I just laid an egg and now my body is violently ripping down the walls of my uterus. But can I get you a tissue? My life it's not even funny