We all have tickets now!❤️❤️❤️<<thank you for your generosity and you know those socks that look like the tickets you can buy? Walk up to a security guard at a show "wheres your ticket" removes shoe "scan my foot" xD

Act my age music video MUST HAPPEN!!!!!! Spread this everywhere!!!!

Ok people sign ur name for this>>>Ayeh>>>>>Marla Oliva>>>>>elena>>>>>Sarah≥>>>>


I leave all other crushes and boys behind, for I have finally found what I had been missing.

I don't know I how I feel about this, whether I should smile or cry...

do I laugh or cry<<< You smile to keep the tears from falling:(

Sorry you guys have been trying for months to leak Heartbreaker. I don't see how you can hate from outside of the club... You can't even get in

its funny but I refuse to listen to leaked songs

Awwww!!!! I would mouth the words along with him, then flash an 'I love you' sign to him for confidence!

I would mouth the words along with him, then flash an 'I love you' sign to him for confidence! I'm really shy too and he loves shy girls!

Please start trending! For the boys! #relighthe1dfireim not sure how much more I could do, my fire is pretty well lighted... but we need to do more come on hack stuff or whatever please guys for the boys

Well, in all honesty, I think we do need to be a bit more supportive. We are lackin'.

"Just can't lie was the best time of my life" but did anyone else hear Louis say "One Direction" when ask "who do they think is the best boy band in the world" and he said one direction.... #sass

Yesterday was the best day of my life<<< I was sooo glad they didnt talk about Larry at the interview but I was sad that Louis and Haz didnt host an hour together.<<< god I need some serious rehab after watching all that…

Hello Followers! A lovely follower @Cat Maria asked me to help her get #RespectTheBoys trending. Now, I have no idea how to do that so I'll just ask you guys right now to mention #RespectTheBoys in at least one of your tweets, pins, instagram pictures, anything! @Cat Maria, I hope this is what you were hoping for! :)

I feel like I can call myself a directioner because I fell in love with all of their music then their personalities, then lastly their looks.


Rubio Payne Liam you are my hero :) Thank you for everything you do and done for us!