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Grotto by Partisans  (the ultimate sauna experience)

Partisans' lakeside sauna takes the form of a cavernous wooden grotto

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This is a 7 step guide to building an off-grid rocket stove woven straw-clay sauna.

Sauna rules...in a Finnish accent. ;-)  HA!  Read a humorous description at this site!  Here's part: "The Sauna (pronounced SOW-NAH), or "Really Hot Place Containing Naked People" is a Finnish invention that many nations (i.e. Russia) falsely claim to have invented (See liar). It was first invented in the year 1050 B.C (Before cookies)...Basically, the sauna is a room, with a stove covered in rocks, onto which you throw water...creates a mystical gas known as Löyly..."

Finnish sauna

The Sauna (pronounced SOW-NAH), or "Really Hot Place Containing Naked People" is a Finnish.

this sauna should no doubt be part of life in my backyard [saunamatic]

stockholm-based company add a room in collaboration with danish architect lars frank nielsen have designed the & sauna house& a modular single room structure which may be added to an existing home via Designboom with more photos text and plans!

Since I really like sauna I have decided to make my own. I had a little bit of space in old barn next to our house, a friend who was crazy enough to help me and wife who let me do it.I have attached a lot of photos how I did my sauna. To describe everything it would just take too much time and I think picture can tell more then 1000 words.

Finnish Sauna