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Great Promerops, a bird of paradise, vol. 9 from John Gould - Birds of New Guinea and the adjacent Papuan islands, including many new species recently discovered in Australia, completed after the author's death by R.

Marijke Buurlage

This is a self-initiated illustration project, the "Marching Bird Project". I will be illustrating lots of marching birds in the near future.

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The Biodiversity Heritage Library works collaboratively to make biodiversity literature openly available to the world as part of a global biodiversity community.

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Audubon painted this hoopoe in just two years after emigrating from France…

John Gould Birds of Great Britain 1862-1873

John Gould - Carduelis Elegans - Goldfinch - Birds of Great Britain - 1862

Bearded Reedling by BioDivLibrary, via Flickr

UNDER MY WING!~ Bearded Reedling, Coloured Figures of the Birds of the British Islands / issued by Lord Lilford,