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this was actually an ad about how something in a persons teeth can be distracting from other things. in this case, the mans arm<<ooh haha

Clever Colgate Ad Campaign#funny #lol #lolzonline

Clever Colgate Ad Campaign actually this proves that humans are psychology designed to look at FACES not hands.

Funny Text To Wrong Number

We've all received various funny wrong number texts here and there, but these are the funniest wrong text messages ever sent.

15+ Hilarious Design Fails That Will Definitely Make You Laugh

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Scarlett Johansson was spotted tumbling and falling while walking on the streets of Glasgow, Scotland. The photo has been photoshopped into several photos and they have become an Internet sensation. I knew it was Scarlett Johansson.

The cake that was ordered and the cake that arrived

The heartwarming story behind the ‘terrible’ Elsa cake everyone is mocking

21+ Fresh Funny Pictures For When You Need A Laugh http://omgshots.com/3707-21-fresh-funny-pictures-for-when-you-need-a-laugh.html

21+ Fresh Funny Pictures For When You Need A Laugh

It’s summer and that means your spending more time outdoors. You may be camping and if you are then you will want to check out these cool camping hacks. Try at least one of these to make your camping experience a little easier.

Smores on a rake. *** Just make sure it is a new unused rake. only a smores dedicated rake! don't want dirt and leaves in your teeth.

Brilliant Examples of Terrible Design on 9GAG

Brilliant Examples of Terrible Design

35 EXTREMELY Funny Pictures

35 EXTREMELY Funny Pictures

actually, when the teacher PICKED the slowest reader to read out loud.i think it was their form of self mutilation. ~~~~ What if that slowest reader likes to read but can't read as fast as others!