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Si Robertson is one of the funniest cast members of the hit show Duck Dynasty. His one-liners and funny stories are always a hit with the audience. Here is a collection of some of his funniest quotes and stories from the show.

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"When zombies attack, I'll be right here chilling with a cold glass of tea.

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Uncle Si, Duck Dynasty probably one of my favorite reality tv characters.

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Duck Dynasty quote Si: My mind. It's wide open. It's like a hollow tunnel of air. Love ya Uncle Si💜🙏🇺🇸🌹 God bless and thank you for your country's service

Rednecks - America's original Homeland Security.

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Duck Dynasty: "America, everybody is in too big of a rush. Lay back, take a sip of tea, mow a little grass. Then if you get tired, take you a nap." That's how I live my life!