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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Hence, eyes have to be the one thing that have to look good on your face. Eye makeup is best method to make someone

Galaxy, Space, Universe, Solar System, Planets, Stars... Eye Makeup? Yes!

30 stunning (and incredibly creative) eye makeup ideas. I don't wear makeup but this one and the one might be worth a shot.

disney princess/villain makeup? yes!

Disney good vs evil makeup inspiration Pick your style!<<<< Is it bad i would much rather use the evil makeup?

Makeup Art

Elaborate eye makeup designs, simply because its the weirdest thing I have seen in a while.

Spider web eye makeup!  cool Halloween  makeup idea! Credits @maryamnyc

Webbed liner video tutorial by ❤️ Perfect idea for Halloween Dress up your face without having to wear a costume ✨✨✨

CHIC IN CLASS | Pat McGrath | CHIC inspired

I like how this person used her natural eyebrows as apart of her bird makeup application. Even though birds don't have eyebrows, she uses the eyebrow hair to add a feathery texture to her application.

…To this scene, inspired by The Lord of the Rings. | This Makeup Artist Paints Incredibly Intricate Scenes On Her Eyelids

...To this scene, inspired by The Lord of the Rings.

ab22f787d532cb488dab44569b55c53b.jpg (1222×1238) #LightningAndThunder

ab22f787d532cb488dab44569b55c53b.jpg (1222×1238) #LightningAndThunder