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"This is a major issue. A petition needs to be started, Girls Deserve Geeky! So true. So true.

Jay Z isn't a nerd or a girl, you guys, why would you think this is one of his 99 problems.

Nerd Girl Problem The hole in your chest when you finish reading a book series

Nerd Girl Problems

Nerd Girl Problem 279 - Everyone Thinks You're Weird For Having An In-Depth Zombie Survival Plan.

That terrible achy feeling when you walk into the bookstore and just stare at the beautiful display knowing that you will have to wait to read the long awaited book. It is even worse when your friends have it and they won't let you borrow it.

I'm waiting for "Nerd Girl Problem You want your series to be all paperback and your mom gets you a hardback for Christmas.


Nerd Girl Problem 113 this is so true for me. This is why I turn to ebooks and used books at thrift stores / used book stores .

So me!!

Nerd Girl Problem - When you finished a series and you're having reading withdrawals because you don't know what to read next

This is one of the worst things ever!

Nerd Girl Probs// This is half true, usually those bursts of inspiration late at night are my best. Unless your like me and forget them in the morning

Me. Every. Day.  (Just ask my husband!)

My mom thinks this applys to me ;

Yep! Nerd girl problem... Again, had this happen in several different college courses...

Or that awkward moment when there is an enormous pause as the teacher waits for someone, ANYONE but me to raise their hand.