Hymenocallis traubii

Hymenocallis traubii

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The Spider Lily (Hymenocallis)is native to the Mississippi Valley and Southern United States, down through Central America and the Caribbean. It grows well in full sun to part shade and it blooms best in wet conditions where the bulbs do not dry out between rain or other waterings. This plant is suitable for water gardens or wetlands. Propagation is by bulb division or seeds, although you'll have much better success with the bulb divisions. The flowers are white with long slender petals.

The Spider Lily (Hymenocallis)is native to the Mississippi .flowering bulbs that grow well in Louisiana list

Zephyranthes grandiflora, PINK RAIN LILY, 1825 “Luscious as a bowl of raspberry sherbet” wrote Elizabeth Lawrence of this, “the best known of all zephyr lilies.” With grass-like foliage and rosy pink flowers on 6-10 inch stems, mostly in early summer, it was brought to the US from Central America in 1825. If you’re north of zone 8, try some in a pot, once a common sight on porches. In winter, simply set the pot dry in the basement.

PINK RAIN LILY To bloom well, rain lilies need hot summers. Though they prefer full sun and moist loam, they are very easy to grow in a wide range of conditions, even damp clay.


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Rain Lily Pink (Zephyranthes Robusta)

Rain Lily Pink (Zephyranthes Robusta)

Pink Fairy Lilies - Charming clusters of soft pink flowers tall. Bulbs require same care as Gladiolus. Ideal border or pot plant.

Cahaba Lilies...  poster at link...

Cahaba Lilies Poster

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Gladiolus- been a few years since Ive had these, I forgot how spectacular they are grouped like this. :)

Glorious Gladiolus (Plant close together so they come up in a shock of glory). This reminds me of my dad's gladiola bed that he tended so carefully.

Cleome... the hummingbirds love this!  Annual 3 - 6 feet tall flowering season 3 - 6 months

'Violet Queen' Cleome (heirloom) - nice addition for cutting garden/reseeding annual

Asian tree lilies are a crossbreed cross in between Asiatic as well as Oriental lilies. These sturdy perennials share the most effective attributes of both varieties– big, beautiful flowers, lively shade and abundant, sweet scent. Maintain checking out to find out more tree lily info.

Oriental Tree Lily Care: Tips For Growing and Caring Tree Lilies In The Garden

Lily 'Milk and Wine' circa 1819 - Clusters of 10 to 20 candy striped flowers on 3 foot stalks open wide filling the air with fragrance and then mature into dangling bells. I would love 2 have these blooms around Easter